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Remember that Warsaw Uprising game? It's off.

Perry Moore - Sep 2, 2006 12:37 pm (#913 Total: 913)


Because of the numerous negative and libelous directed towards the game's topic and to its designer on this website and made directly to him and at his work(totally unprofessional), Resistance Is Not Futile is NOT for sale and will be taken off the FFG website. Paul has contacted an attorney and action may commence against certain individuals who have made false statements about him causing him monetary loss.

Previous orders will be refunded

This is the right course of action, but I have to take issue with the way they did it. Quietly pulling the game back is one thing. Making martyr noises for being "censored" is a whole other thing. Nobody held a gun to their heads and demanded they make a controversial game that would create hate, division and discontent. They made that decision all by themselves.

Though I have to admit I would be stoning the sap who thought it was appropriate to call a game deisnger at his office to bitch him out.