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BPD2 Round 3 "Wuerthy" Results

Mister Nizz



Wikipedia must have been humming this lunch hour. I got answers from our two holdouts, Drey and Klaus. Here are the results!
Round 3 Results
Some explanations: I received about three "Talking ____" (animal) as a race choice, and informed the players that I wasn't accepting "Talking...." as an answer for race. It's too broad.

Tolkien was a bit of a "gimme" after all the grousing about Dickens, to demonstrate that even Lord Quizzmaster is capable of pity. No surprises for "Inklings".

I was actually expecting TROLLS (Peter C's answer) for "Fantasy Race" and got Telemarines instaead. Oh well, you can't predict these things.

Almost everyone chose Tumnus for "Good", again this was fairly obvious I should think. Evil was a little harder for even ME to come up with, but I found TASH in the LAST BATTLE and I knew there was at least one good answer. I didn't even think of TISROC.

I was actually thinking THULCANDRA as the first choice but I once again had forgotten about TELEMAR from Prince Caspian.

I figured TWO Tolkien "gimmes" were Two Too Much. So I excluded Tolkien (JRR) from the last category. I had never heard of Tynan, but Tangry-Lean does show up on a website somewhere so I knew a T answer was possible.

Next week: Start Reading SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, because we delve into the works of Kurt Vonnegutt.

I'm getting a little suspicious of Mike Reed here. He's tied Drey in ALMOST every round!!!

The other person to watch is Mr. Low. From a late start he is already pulling ahead of the last place player and will soon overtake second to last.