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A Wargaming Retirement

I thought this was fairly interesting, considering the current demographic of the historical wargaming hobby.


I am preparing to shift my base. I am retiring (saving pays off, my friends!) and moving to the land where it is always in the 70s (except down on the beach), Costa Rica.

I am opening a bed and breakfast 10 minutes from the San Jose airport, and it includes (wait for it...) a 1000 sq foot war room (which cost only $20k to build down there).

Some of you may be aware that it is my boast that I can furnish any army you are interested in (in large numbers), so here is my offer: those who wish to escape this winter's cold or next summer's heat, come stay in our bed and breakfast (4 rooms for guests), and we can wargame whatever rules you like, any period or battle you like in between trips to the beach and the sights (Volcanoes, cool 70s degree rainforests, etc) I will pick you up at the airport. Our prices are low, and I will discount them further for wargamers.

Regarding my move, I am selling off a few surplus figures in most periods, (write to me with your desires), also many reenacting uniforms, and even a few firearms (a stehr mannlicher and a sawed off shotgun).

So anyone interested for the future, write to me and I'll put you on an email list to remind you.

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