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Camo Patterns for AK-47 Republic

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So Now What?

I acquired a whole mess of AK-47 Republic figs from Peter Pig lately, via Brookhurst at HISTORICON. I like the look of the figures and am trying to come up with a paint scheme. My thoughts are to try to put together two fictional forces derived in the main from the South African Army and Paramilitary Police Forces and a loose army of African militia with Cuban-style advisors to fight against them.

One big problem is that the S.A. field forces used a lot of woodland style camoflauge back during the time period in question.

I'm thinking a dark green with a couple of light blotchy yellow-green highlights might work. I suck at painting camoflauge.

Dark brown might work as well. This is the "Nutria" shirt.

The Cuban uniforms might be fairly easy, with an Elm Leaf green on green pattern.

The militia may just be regular tan khaki color top and bottom (barefoot) with olive webbing banndoliers.

I'm looking forward to getting to this, sometime in September!!