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Eeee, I'm giddy as a schoolgirl.

Mister Nizz

I've already fessed up to jonesing for a DICE BOOT in a previous post.

The dice boot is a clear plastic dice rolling mechanism made out of clear plastic. The beauty of the Dice Boot is that it is light, cheap, and folds up for easy storage. I've wanted one for a while, but the first producer, Plenary Games, went out of business leaving the fate of the dice boot in limbo.

The great news is that the Dice Boot will soon return!!

The Dice Boot is coming back! Jerry Dziuba, otherwise known as Nick Danger, created the collapsible dice tower which was originally sold by Plenary Games. With the demise of Plenary, the fate of the Dice Boot hung in limbo - until now. Chessex has resurrected the Dice Boot and the product will again be available. Chessex is still in the process of deciding when to release the product - this is dependant on the manufacturer. It will be Late May at the earliest, but very possibly will be some time later. The product will be the same polycarbonate construction, but will eventually have different packaging (though the packaging will probably not change for a year or so). The retail price should be between 18 and 20 US$.

(Source: Game trade magaxine)

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Note: I've been on the Chessex site, and there's nothing on the Dice Boot there at this juncture.