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By Popular Demand Round 2 Results

Mister Nizz

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Dickens Round Two Ends

And here we are... a lower scoring round than the previous one.

368 points scored in total on round 2 versus 427 on roun 1. This means people were not in AS MUCH agreement as they were on the first round.

Analysis: I give a "gimme" away in one or two categories at least in Rounds 1-5. In this instance, it was "SPI Game Designer", which everyone but John and Rob scored on. Surprisingly, I thought Holiday might be harder, because I only know of one holiday that begins with a B, and you guys figured it out. The rest of the answers were fairly evenly distributed.

I'm including AGGREGATE scoring in the second graphic; this reflects how you are doing in the game as a whole. Pete retains an overall lead, but Eric and Karen have really surged ahead this turn.