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Screwtape's MIF Challenge!

Mister Nizz

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Minimal Input Fiction Challenge #1

Having been pimp-slapped by Screwtape, aka Otto, for posting the "What horrible Edward Gorey death would you die?" quiz thing, he did go on to suggest a concept that might make a pretty good occassional feature of this blog. This is nothing more or less than a "Neverending story" Effort, with multiple inputs to make up a continuous narrative that gets posted at the end of the week. What the heck, let's give it a try. I don't propose this for every week but it might be cause the occassional chuckle.


1) Start with the first paragraph of a published work of fiction. Something that is real, recognizable and can be cited online somehow.. Amazon is a good place to start, but also public domain collections like Gutenberg, etc.

Copyrights to be cited and respected.

2) In the Comments section to the post, add a comment that adds a paragraph of NO LESS THAN FIVE SENTENCES, NO MORE THAN FIFTEEN to the starter paragraph.

3) At the end of the week, we publish the whole thing just for giggles.


NO PORN: Sorry, guys, there's plenty of places to go on the web for porn material, but this ain't one of them. I find it tedious at best. So if your desire to twist every narrative into an overt, tacky sexual or fetish reference, I'll delete it. I'm the final arbiter and if I don't like it, it will get deleted faster than poop through a goose. My family reads this blog, occassionally.

IMAGERY: A thematic image is certainly allowed, as long as it contains no nudity, blatantly disgusting imagery (by my standards) or extremely violent imagery. Not that the IMG tag will not post in a comment box but it will show up when the whole narrative gets posted at the end of the week.

SURREAL: If you find yourself stuck for a literary leit-motif, I rather like Surrealism... have a look here for references.

PUBLISHING: The resulting hodgepodge will be posted here publically, and your contribution will be noted unless you wish to retain anonymity.

Our first paragraph will be published shortly, as MIF #1 Starter. Go there if you want to join in the literary gang-shag.