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An odd juxtaposition of character...

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UnPimp Mah Ride, Yo!

I've been giggling at the new Volkswagen "UnPimp my Ride" commercials. I thought their recent "GTI Fast" commercials were kind of creepy and offputting. The "UnPimp" series is also offputting but also funny. That's an interesting ad company that VW is using these days.

Here's an example of one on YouTube:

Normally I'm pretty good at making connections like these, but someone just pointed out to me that the funky, fast-talking German engineer in the UnPimp my Ride commercials is actually Peter Stormare, the hulking blonde Swedish actor known for playing (mostly) bad guys. He was the quiet guy who fed Steve Buscemi into a chipper shredder at the end of FARGO, remember?

That just seems odd to me...

Clearly, I'm not watching enough television.

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