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Going to the well TOO many times

Mister Nizz

I think Dan Verssen Games' DiF expansions look pretty groovy and likely will get one one of these days. Dan Verssen Games (DVG) make expansions and follow ups to one of my favorite game series of all time, the Down in Flames card based aircraft combat game first published by GMT. Since card publishing is so expensive, DVG is offering up print-and-play PDF game expansions where you print the cards and mount them yourself.

In particular, I really like the Word War I and brand new Flying Dragon games.

One element that I'm having trouble with is his insistance upon SELLING Vassal modules. I'm not much of a Vassal user; I much prefer turnbased PBeM tools like ADC and Cyberboard over Vassal, as I rarely have a block of time to sit down and play someone live using the Vassal tool. PBeM Modules, in my opinion, should be something a publisher is interested in giving away; they help expand the play of the game and get the word out.

Of course, I'm not a publisher, I'm just a guy who buys games. I admit I have no concept of what it takes to keep a company afloat. And I readily admit that the intellectual property of DVG is worth money and should be rewarded. That's why I'm willing to buy their PDF games.... but pay for a vassal module? When so many other companies just allow their games to be made into modules for general distribution? It seems greedy.

I have sympathy for a "virtual company" like DVG who doesn't have the money to print cards and such. I hope the PDF sales generate enough volume to make it worth Dan Verssen's while. Otherwise, some of the games I've been waiting for for a long while may never see the light of day.