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Gee Babs, I'm Gaga for Skype

Mister Nizz

Point to Point comms all around the globe

I'm quite impressed about the new SKYPE phenom. I just signed up and have been quite active with it. I spoke to Joe Steadman in Korea just now, and Gary Christiansen in Ohio earlier, and a pal in the UK earlier than that.


Joe (on the other side of the world) sounded like he was sitting across the room from me. We've come a long long way.

If you want to get in touch, here's the button to push.

I certainly see the implications for real time gaming interface, or just keeping in touch with people all over the place. The basic service is free, you can add the ability to call people NOT on Skype (a regular line) and some voice mail for a piddlin' payment of ten bucks or so. It's possible to run a four person conference, put someone on hold, and change the level of privacy so that strangers can't call you.

I like this thing.

They make the basic service free and some minor enhancements pretty cheap. I can see the idea catching on. This is far better than the old days of ICQ and MIRC.