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Web-Geekery of the Week Award

Mister Nizz

It's been quite a few WEEKS since I bestowed a Web Geekery of the WEEK award, so I'll have to jump in here and get this thing started again. Blame it on the holidays!

If you're a fan of the original Star Trek (and not everyone is) than you might be interested in STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES. This is fan-created project that extends the stories of the classic Kirk era out to the rest of the five year mission.

What I find impressive is the level of professionalism being displayed with this project, which is being done simply for the love of the genre. .The makeup guy worked on DRIVING MISS DAISY (and did a lot of TV work), the CGI guy works on Battlestar Galactica, some of the stories were contributed by professional writers that work in the Star Trek 'verse. Walter "Chekov" Koenig recently volunteered to do an episode (for nothing), playing the aged Chekov. The fan support (in terms of talent time and $$) has been extraordinary.

Even more impressive is the "Fan's license" being granted to these folks by Paramount. Essentially, Paramount gives this project their blessing IF the New Voyages people don't charge any money for it. That's a win-win, baby!

I found out about it in a recent WIRED magazine issue, and then heard Koenig wax rhapsodic about the project on a Slice of Sci-Fi podcast, so I had to give it a try.

It's really fairly well done. The acting could be a bit better but in terms of technical aspects (writing, directing, effects, etc.) I certainly think this effort equals (if not surpasses) the source material that inspired it.

Since the NEW VOYAGES show is created from scratch and delivered, FOR FREE, using web technologies, they are certainly deserving of the Web-Geekery Award. People like this are my heroes (as I've often said).