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Mister Nizz

A new turn based strategy game set in a mythical Japan that has the classical Samurai, ninja, Bushi and whatnot, along with mythical critters such as Tengu, Oni, and Yamanda. The only exposure I've got to this game so far has been the flash film (click on the unit graphic below), but intend to take advantage of the free trial. I'm impressed with the interface and the general milieu... it reminds me strongly of the first edition of TSR's old ORIENTAL ADVENTURES expansion to the D&D universe.

Publisher's Blurb follows (text copyright Kosumi publishers... unclear who)

Kosumi is a game of Epic Strategy. You lead your Clan to victory by deciding on the broad themes of strategy. Should you attack North or West? Or should you defend instead? Who should Ally with, and who should be your Enemy? These are the big questions you'll answer in Kosumi. Fitting work for a powerful Shogun such as yourself. Details, like how exactly your City walls should be strengthened or an Army should march, are left to your minions to decide and carry-out.

Kosumi is about thought, reflection and diplomacy. If you don't like those things you will hate Kosumi. There are no flashy animations. No quick reflex fighting.

Kosumi is played at a Stately Pace. Play is turn-based with only a few turns a week. And games last for many months. This gives you plenty of time to think, communicate and create devious strategies. The pace of play heightens excitement and adds meaning for true strategy gamers. What could be better than plotting an attack with friends and then executing it over several weeks or months? How much sweeter is victory when it ripens over time?

What I like about the game is that it plays on a drop-in schedule. You don't have to play every week:

Kosumi Fits Your Life. There isn't much you must do to play Kosumi. Once you learn to play it takes only a few minutes each turn at your computer to enter your moves. And you can do that whenever you like before the turn deadline.

The real fun of Kosumi comes from contemplating your moves. Agonizing over strategic trade offs and negotiating with allies and enemies. And you can spend as much or as little time as you want on that.

Kosumi is an Any Time Oasis that you can visit whenever you like. You can discuss an alliance with friends by cell phone during your commute. Or think about your strategy while shaving or in that five minutes between phone calls at work. And since games last for months each game becomes meaningful to you. Playing Kosumi for five or ten minutes isn't like playing a quick round of Tetris or Quake. Each visit to Kosumi is another piece of your epic struggle for honor and supremacy against fourteen other Clans.

Kosumi isn't really a computer game. It's a way to bring strategy gaming into your everyday life. Without sacrificing your life for strategy gaming.

I'll have more to post once I've given the free demo a try.