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This RPG is half-baked

Mister Nizz

An innovative approach to making your own gaming pieces

Christmas time is a magical time… more magical than you might expect!
During those twelve magical days, gingerbread men awaken, given life by the magic of the Oven and Mother Baker. They rush around your home, having adventures, getting in and out of trouble.

And there is a lot of trouble.

Such is the premise of THE SECRET LIFE OF GINGERBREAD MEN, by Annie Rush, published by "Wicked Dead Brewing Company", which appears to be a print-and-play style publishing house (they are the creators of Necromonopoly, below).

One of the great assumptions of this game is dirt simple, yet awe-inspiring. You can eat the figures that you will end up playing with. Yes, you heard that right, the game utilizes Gingerbread men as the primary characters and they interact with each other. And even better, BAKING GINGERBREAD MEN is an integral part of the game. According to the instructions, the rules of the game can be taught during the time it takes to bake gingerbread men (and the recipe is included), so that activity becomes part of the game. HOW you decorate your Gingerbread man means something in this game as well-- the little sprinkles, frosting and decorations all have a signficance (usually representing a special ability of some type).

The mechanics appear to be dirt simple-- something from the "fistfull of dice, apply modifiers" school. That's really not important to me. The idea that the game reovles around baking and playing with little cookie men is so ballsy and innovative I'm gonna have to buy this.

A big shout out and thang kew to Paul at HAVE GAMES, WILL TRAVEL for mentioning this on this annual Christmas Podcast!