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Diplomacy: longer time between turns, say players

Mister Nizz

Slow down, you're going to fast-- we need to make the diplo trash talk LAST..

An opinion was expressed amongst the players of SINGULARITY 1 that I might be 'rushing' things a tad with the current game and that they felt they did not have enough time to explore diplomatic options.

FROM ITALY: Walt, just wondering if we're rushing into this before we hit our 'stride'...I note that we only have a couple days for dip this time out...but when we originally started asking for players, you noted that one move/week would be the pace at start...

I ask because the early phases of any Dip game are the key ones, where you get the 'feel' for the others, and unless we can get some back & forth on emails, I don't see that happening with this quick turnaround. Perhaps I'm the only one with this feeling, you have a better idea with seeing all the correspondence, anyways.

I'll do whatever the rest of the folks want here, wouldn't want to hold things up, but I still have that 'rushed' feeling. Hope you don't think I'm a complainer or anything...

FROM AUSTRIA-HUNGARY: I'm inclined to agree with Mike here. I did, I think, get all the messages I wanted sent before the deadline, but it did seem to be a slightly rushed Spring 1901. On the other hand, now Walt's Con visit has pushed the Autumn deadline back to Monday, that does give us several days for further negotiations, tirades and insults.

Accordingly, I'm proposing a Wednesday once a week deadline, instead of "every 3-4 days".

I'll be off to FALL IN this weekend, so probably won't get a good look at the traffic until Monday.

In the meantime, browse these fine online resources for Diplomacy...