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A motorcyclin' Weekend

Mister Nizz

Getting back on the iron horse after it knocks you off

In an effort to get a Virginia Class M license, The Lady H. and I have decided to take the Virginia Motorcycle Safety program (me in October, Lady H. in November). I just went through the program and it's fairly rigorous-- a classroom session Friday, with homework (of sorts), and a take-home test Saturday, with Saturday being taken up with basic maneuvers (shifting, fast reactions, stopping, judgement in curves and the like. It went fairly long. Sunday was shorter, but with far more complex and high speed maneuvering, with a big skills test afterward. You'll be happy to know that your intrepid correspondent aced the written and got 90% on the riding skill tests.

I'm quite rusty from the last time I had a motorcycle (85?) so it wasn't time wasted or time lost. I am not going to be giving Robbie Knievel any nightmares, but I'm developing confidences and some of the old skills back. I will probably take the Harley out in the neighborhood and in local hops for the time being, but I intend to join the Fairfax Harley Owner's Group (Fairfax HOGs), which seem to have their act together, and are very kind to newish riders like myself and Audrey.

I'm having a blast with this thing..