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Big in Japan...

Mister Nizz

This blog and popular Asian cult item HELLO KITTY have one thing in common:

We're both big in Japan.

Lately, I've been working out my insecurities by looking at login statistics. I'm amazed at what a world-wide audience blogging has. Heck, Another Point of Singularity's post comparing CONSIMWORLD TO A CERTAIN POPULAR COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME is even being viewed in Japan, China and Africa, if the login stas are to be believed.

Here's the proof!

Of course, loosely translated, this means:

By the way tracing from Comsimworld, the news item which you find. If ウォーゲーマー + MtG ゲーマー whether you can laugh. Immediately the "ASL young priest" and "ATS young priest" kana.
, so I wonder if the Japanese viewers are baffled.