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Checking in .. no Internet access

Mister Nizz

an Incognito Weekend

Coming back from a major crash like this is a painful undertaking. Note to self... buy ZoneAlarm Pro once we get the Wireless router working again. I still don't have internet access at home, and it's a huge pain in the ass. I hate not being able to communicate to the outside world!

Went to the pool on Saturday (last couple of days before it closes, you know). Played the color version of Cheapass' LORD OF THE FRIES (another gift from John Buck!) with the kids and had a complete blast. the Lady H. spent the day getting her classroom ready (s he is starting today.. RIGHT NOW in fact... and I'm trying to keep her pumped up by keeping the kids out of her hair). Later, we went to get Pho at our favorite suburbanite pho restraunt (Pho 29 in Fairfax). We were VERY disappointed at the changes the new owners are putting in. They seem to be more concerned about flogging "fruit shakes" than the titular soup, which I thought was bland.

We brought along CIRCUS FLOCATTI, though, another color themed set collecting game by Reiner Knizia. That made up for lame-ass pho.

I worked on finishing my input into the GAMES 100 BUYER'S GUIDE for this year over the weekend, managing to hit deadline though I had to go over to the library (and my Mother-in-law) to finish it up, to get particulars on all the games on the list this year (up to six now!) and then email my magnum opus off to an increasingly frenetic John McCallion, the editor for Games magazine.

I can't say (publically) what is on the list but let's just say it is a mixture of the obvious and not-so-obvious.

I downloaded a bunch of DICE TOWER podcasts and had them playing in the background while I was working, and couldn't find the magic reference they were talking about. What a bogus contest.

Spent all of yesterday working as a chicken chef at the great Saint Mary of Sorrows Labor Day picnic. Attendance was huge this year... more than 10000 people showed up, and we (literally) cooked ourselves out of the meager 18000 chicken halves that we had for the event by 1700 hours. Cooking in red hot smokey conditions in bright sunlight for hours on end can be kind of debilitating. My sinuses feel like I'm a desert nomad this morning, and even after several hot showers with lots of scrubbing, I still feel grungy, greasy and smell a faint aroma of rendered chicken fat...

A big plus is that most of the profit$ went into the Gulf States relief fund, And we made a ton of money.

Spent last evening collecting surplus books and small leftovers from the great Saint Mary's White Elephant sale (refered to last week) for donation boxes for the Red Cross. This is, actually, *Annie's* idea and it is being funded by my mother in law (she's picking up the tab for postage). We do what we can.