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Bingo!!! Gold Mine of Wild West buildings and you can't argue the price.

Mister Nizz


Normally I don't do a lot of paper modelling. It's just as time consuming as kit-bashing and making my own buildings out of scrap. Still, there's something incredibly appealing about printing, cutting, and pasting an entire town out in one go. An entire town, you say? Yep. That's what I said.

A bloke named "Shadowolf" (real name: Paul) in Australia has gone to a lot of trouble CADing up some cardstock models for anyone to download, print and use:

Shadowolf's Western Cardstock Buildings

Guys (or gals) like Shadowolf are minor deities in my book... anyone who takes a lot of their own valuable personal time to craft something intricate, useful and free deserves a big thank you.. so if you go to that site, take the time to say something nice before you scarf away. I will.