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Last Fall IN! post

My Shopping Haul

All things being equal, I think I got away light. It's almost bad form to NOT mention what you spent money on, so here goes:

From Lon Weiss at Brigade Games:

Some discounted Shadowforge female gunfighter figures (and maybe a naughty nun or two, you never know when that will come in handy). Four singles and a three pack. For use in Wild West and VSF games.

In the Flea Market:

I got some large scale grotesque monsters for a 54mm Wizards game I'm contemplating. From a series called DREAMBLADE by the WotC.

Also Age of Rifles (again) on CD (never can have enough copies), and a couple of interesting post-apocolyptic figures.

From Bob Bowling at RLBPS:

Copplestones - Xmas2 and Xmas1 (Father Christmas and Evil Snowmen) for our TNGG annual Christmas game, and FW36, because they are so cool.

From Wargames Inc of Tridelphia, WV:

The latest WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED and 1 15mm South African armored vehicle from QRF (for my AK 47 force I'm building) and 1 hovels 15mm structure for various games.


Four packs of AK47 figs from Peter Pig: 37, 119, 41, and 24 (for AK47) and 1 box Strelets WWI era Cossacks in 20mm (plastic) for Red Actions! Russo Polish War project.

From Jeff Hobbs' booth, several dice, punch drill and bits.

From Paroom Station aka Bob Charette: Theodore Roosevelt, A masked Minion with diaobolical weapon, a Landships crew, and a smiling anarchist.

From the Book guy in the center, another copy of the Ospery books on Russian Civil War, red armies.

That should cover it!