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HMGS Epilogue

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What have we learned here today, kids?

Important Disclaimer
The following statement is solely my own opinion, based upon my own observations.
It does NOT represent an opinion of the HMGS East organization.

We are now in the wake of one of the better HISTORICONs, thanks to the good stewardship of Bob Giglio and his hard working staff, particularly Duncan Adams and Neil Brennan. I never doubted Bob and company would deliver, despite the rumblings from certain groups. The layouts worked, and worked well. The convention was very pleasant.

The membership meeting was far from pleasant but it was interesting. I think, for a moment there, we were facing a situation with extremely nasty real world consequences. We got there from not communicating with each other in a reasonable fashion, and acting without thinking. To a great extent the Fred situation was exacerbated from the hyperbolic fashion the internet can ratchet up the rhetoric on any issue. Many people took issue with what happened to Fred Haub, myself included. Many people (myself included) spoke out about it in public. I did so for the sake of principle, and not because of any partisan interest. I am not on the board of directors (not even as an ex-officio member, which apparently isn't recognized in our governing documents). I AM an officer of HMGS, as long as I'm signed up to run a convention. So, some might argue, I probably shouldn't have put my oar in the water. I don't agree with that opinion. I think when a principle is involved, it behooves us to express ourselves-- yet remain civilized.

Some people might have felt I was a little hard on the BOD, and in particular Pres. PP, on this blog. I had my objections to their actions and I objected to them on principle. My objections have been greatly alleviated by the results of that four hour long meeting. To continue bashing on the BOD would be counter productive in the extreme and only add to an existing negatively charged atmosphere. I have to work with these people, you know.

Therefore, I am willing to give the new BOD the benefit of the doubt for the time being. I hope we have all learned a little lesson about keeping our eyes on the weather guage here and won't go as far as we did again. I won't be shutting up (far from it) but I want to get back to speaking with a positive voice. To be otherwise is courting bad kharma...