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Transition Point Soon

Mister Nizz

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Short History Lesson

1. Before this incarnation of a blog, I ran A POINT OF SINGULARITY, on Xanga.com, from 6/03 to 12/04. At the time, Xanga was pretty limited in a lot of ways, and I did not like their posting interface. I understand Xanga has made great strides since then.

2. I have run ANOTHER POINT OF SINGULARITY since December of 2004 on blogger.com, and generally, I'm happy with blogger. Now that the company is owned by Google they are making great strides to integrate their blogging product with other Google apps, and that's only a good thing. However, there are elements of control that I desire that are simply not here. I've been shopping around for a new technology to implement, possibly even (gack!) a paid domain with my own content management application, like Joomla.

3. In the end, I think there's a nice reasonable compromise out there, and it is (yay!) still free. That's Wordpress blogging application, hosted on Wordpress.com. I still may host a Wordpress blog on a paid domain eventually, because Wordpress.com only allows a certain level of functionality and and only their own templates. However, it is a very nice comprehensive blogging service even if I'm not hosting it myself.. Wordpress is more complex than blogger, and I'd like to get used to it for a while before committing myself to PHP and MYSQL. I think it's the right choice.. there are many nifty plugins that support expanded social media activity, like Podcasting and other feeds. That's something I've been nerving myself up to attempt at some point, and it would be nice to have something in place that can handle it.

So, at some point, after I finish importing the archive from blogger.com to Wordpress.com, This blog is going to get turned off. It will still be here, but it won't be updated any more. You will have to move over to http://mrnizz.wordpress.com for THE THIRD POINT OF SINGULARITY.