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Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal have been sighted

Mister Nizz

Long term readers may remember the stunt where I used the now deceased Smoking Betty (my pickup) as a jury rigged shield for a nest of Cardinals in the cherry tree in our front yard. The result was a bevy of female cardinals that have gone on to go find some eligible cardinal gentlemen to set up house with. I'm happy to report that their parents, the original Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, seem to have returned and appear to be antsy to set up a nest somewhere on the grounds of the Casa Nizz.

cardinals, not the ones in our yard, alasno, this isn't them, but it sure is pretty

The branch they normally use was snapped by a passing bus last year (validating my decision to park a truck underneath it during nesting season), so we haven't located the new nest yet. I wish Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal every success in 'doin the Cardinal nastay'.. and hope we shall have some smaller piping voices soon.

And so the cycle of life continues.