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The Japanese and their Minstrel Show sense of Humor

I'm jaded about politics. This is hardly a secret-- I live in the environs of Washington DC and have seen them come and go over the years. Like any sensible American, I'm wishing our president EVERY success... I'd be a fool not to. I admit he has a certain candor and wit, and tremendous potential to charm-- but I can't say I'm a huge fan of the man himself, like a lot of us, I'm waiting for him to prove himself. Until then, I'll reserve judgment and fervently hope he doesn't screw things up. I was amazed at my own response, recently, upon seeing a Japanese game show lampoon the president with actors in blackface.

I like shock humor as much as anyone, but this is a bit much. Oh, those wacky Japanese.. maybe they can bring back Amos and Andy while they are at it.