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Salvo! gamebox for Minden Games latest

I like postcard games.. and I like naval games. I was quite taken with SALVO!, the recent postcard game included in my copy of PANZER DIGEST. The combat is quite abstract, more reminiscient of UP FRONT than COMMAND AT SEA, so I thought I'd make a gamebox to incorporate all the ships of the series (Salvo! and Advanced Salvo!). Why make one for a solitaire game, right? Well, it's easy to play, the rules are small and containable, and this is a game I can load on a USB data stick and play anywhere, without cutting out counters or bringing dice along, that's why!

This is what I have so far.

I think I'll be changing the map, though, to keep it in line with the example in Panzer Digest.

Seems to work as advertised!