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Full Dress Medals as worn by Sir Harry Paget Flashman

Mister Nizz

I noticed this piece in the latest NOVAG NEWS written by a long time enthusiast of one Harry Paget Flashman, central character of the FLASHMAN SERIES by George MacDonald Fraser. The list was generated by a fellow Flashy fan and may have appeared somewhere on the Royal Flashman Society pages (see sidebar).

Born in 1822 - one Sir Harry Paget Flashman, whose collection of medals includes the following as worn on his chest.
Click on the hyperlinks to see the illustrations of the medals.

First Row

Victoria Cross Indian Mutiny
Knight Commander of the Bath for services during the Indian Mutiny 1858

Second Row

Knight Commander Indian Empire
Queen's Medal for Afghanistan 1841-42 (ribbon very faded)
Cabul 1842

Third Row

Jallalabad , Afghanistan . Awarded to the defenders of Jallalabad 1842
Sutlej , India 1846
Crimea 1856
Indian Mutiny 1858

Four Row

Second China War 1860
South Africa , Zulu War 1879
Egypt 1874

Fifth Row

Queen's Sudan 1896
Third China War 1900
Queen Victoria 's Jubilee
Edward VII Coronation

Sixth Row

Edward VII Delhi Durbar
George V Coronation
Order of the Elephant ( Denmark )
Turkish Crimea Medal 1856

Seventh Row

Congressional Medal of Honor (USA, post-1904 ribbon)
Civil War Campaign Medal ( USA , second ribbon)
Southern Cross of Honor (awarded by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to Confederate veterans)
San Serafino Order of Purity and Truth (4th class) (no image found, fictional)

Eighth Row

Possibly Iron Cross (Germany, 1870 variety) or Commemorative medal of the Congress of Berlin 1883.
Legion of Honour ( France )
Franco-Prussian War Medal ( France )
Franco-Prussian War Medal ( Germany )

Ninth Row

Indian War Medal ( USA , first ribbon)
Khedive's Star ( Egypt )
Khedive's Sudan Medal 1896 ( Egypt )
General Gordon's Khartoum Star

It need not be said that I heartily recommend the Flashman series to any 19th century history enthusiast. Each volume is a history lesson in itself, as well as a highly engaging, humorous and well-written tome.