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An example of play for by REASONABLY popular demand...

Mister Nizz

Just to clear things up about how to play BRPD, I will attempt to explain it through the use of an example. It is turn one, and I have posted the following hypotheical categories, and provided QUARTZ as the keyword for this round. The users have the letters from Quartz to choose from.

Q U A R T Z available at start

Category 1: Presidents Reagan I have Q U A T Z left.

Category 2: Garden Vegetables Zucchini I have Q U A T left.

Category 3: Automobile Makes Testarosa I have Q U A left.

Category 4: Treaties Ushant I have Q A left

Category 5: Battles in Mexico Queztacoatalsburg I have A left.

Category 6: Flowers Azalea I have used up my letters.

There we go. Does that help?