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Joe's Wargame video podcast

Steadman Returns

I know Joe Steadman from the old days of the Dice Tower, which I would sometimes call in to. He's a straightforward kind of guy; a wargamer, cop, and father of four (soon five). He was the "wargame voice" for Tom Vasel's "Euro Voice" right up until Episode 50 of the DT. He has since moved to Michigan and become a policeman (he had been a minister of some sort). I was glad to see that Joe has taken to the airwaves (cablewaves?) again with a Gaming Journal of his own, this one focusing on wargames. Instead of an audio program, the Gaming Journal is done in video and is available on You Tube. You can see the full gamut of the episodes HERE.

There's no hype here, I like the honesty and candor being displayed, and the fact that he brings his wife and kids into the production in spots.

Good work, Joe!