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Gladiator Fightin' at TriaDCon

Gladiator Fighting with Curt and Grant Daniels

I ran RUDIS: THE WOODEN SWORD at TriaDCon a couple weekends back. I got three players initially, but the fourth player wimped on us when his buddies set up a boardgame two tables away (and I was happy to see him go!). So I took the third slot.

The rules were MUNERA SINE MISSIONE rules for gladiatorial combat, by Mr. Alan Saunders. These are very simple rules to run, easy to classify gladiators and easy to conduct combat. I will use them again.

The scale was 54mm, the miniatures were Italieri, Alpha Miniatures, and a few Outland Minis.

Curt managed to wipe us all out and he had the obligatory gloating moment. Fun times!