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Venture Brothers in production!!!!

Mister Nizz

My Secret is Out...

I'm a Venture Brothers geek, just like many of you, it would seem. I was reading on Jackson Publick's blog that James Urbaniak (the voice of Doctor Venture) was rumored to be leaving the show (totally spurious as it turns out). Recently Urbaniak was in studio to cut audio loops at the same time that Patrick Warburton (the voice of Brock Sampson, and the Tick, and many other animated parts) was scheduled to record. Oddly enough.. this was the first time that BOTH voice actors were in the same studio at the same time in the history of the show!

So, here you are. Jackson snapped off a little documentary evidence...

Brock and the Doc.. kind of eerie how life imitates art, eh? Warburton is a big feller.

Looking forward to Season 3!!