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Hohenfriedeberg, a new postcard game


As you might know if you are a long term reader, I am quite besotted with the idea of the postcard game concept. There are a few of them out there-- Postcards from the Revolution, my own Galley Warfare one, Last Stand at Martain, Moscow Defended, etc. Into the ranks walks Hohenfriedeberg, a nice little (simple) game set in the time of Frederick the Great. The graphics are very nice and the postcard (it's not really a postcard, I doubt you could mail it) prints out well.

From the site:

This free hex and counter wargame is about the "Battle of Hohenfriedeberg" which took place in 1745 during the Second Silesian War between Prussia and Austria.

The rules for the game are based on the nice little game "Postcard from the Revolution" by Mike DeSanto.

Here you can download the pdf-file that contains everything you need to play (except a six-sided die)

You can find the download page for Hohenfriedeberg here. You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print the game. Beware, the document is sized for A4 paper.