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New Free Game

Battle of Honey Springs

From LPD Games

Lawrence Duffield (the one man in the one man band that is LPD Games) has offered up a rather nice looking free game on his webserver, LPD Games: http://www.lpdgames.com/index.html The new company has yet to release any commercial products, but at least four of them will be available in July of this year: Gettysburg, Across the Wide Missouri, Grant's Early Battles, and The Battle of Honey Springs (Deluxe Version).

The graphics and presentation of the material is top notch; I could follow the rules (from a quick glance online), rather easily. The graphics and use of color would rival any commercial product now being published, and has a certain "Clash of Arms" look to it. I find the finished games (available in July) to be a bit out of my personal price range at 56 dollars (prepurchase price), but the quality is certainly there to justify the sticker price.

Best of all, the regular (non-deluxe) version of Honey Springs is available for free download, here: http://www.lpdgames.com/gamehsbacw.html. The game is presented as a PDF download and will require some construction. A Cyberboard gamebox is also available for PBEM.

I love free downloadable wargames (duh), but one of this quality is a rare bird. I suggest you snap it up.