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Sort of CARE package on the way

Mister Nizz


Windfall o' Boxed Games!

My editor at GAMES, John, has to clean out his closet, and 86 stuff that he actually had to pay money for, either because a publisher refused to provide a comp copy or he had to have a pristine copy of a game for photography purposes. When they start piling up, John's wife squawks. So he approaches others to see if he can unload a few things at a decent price. (No patience for Ebay, I suppose)

This year, most of it was a shot in the dark.. some of these I recognized and definitely wanted, others, well, it was a throw of the darts.

My CARE package (well, not really, I am buying them) are arriving now.

Here's what I got:

Ingenious Fantasy Flight

Combo King Gamewright

Luck of the draw Gamewright

Barbarossa Mayfair

Alhambra The Vizier’s Favor Rio Grande Games

Euphrates & Tigris Contest of Kings Rio Grande Games

Fearsome Floors Rio Grande Games

The Gardens of Alhambra Rio Grande Games

Heroscape Milton Bradley

I've always wanted FEARSOME FLOORS, and The HEROSCAPE stuff alone is worth thirty, and I spend sixty bucks for the bundle. I don't feel ill used.....