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new Osprey Publishing Title

Now that's an obscure topic!

One of my hobbies is to paint silly little mettalic figures, amass large quantities of same, and create games that simulate historial and not-so-historical conflicts using these figures. The Osprey Publishing Group is an invaluable resource for this hobby, with literally almost one book written for almost any obscure conflict imaginable, and several written for more popular periods, such as World War Two. As there are a lot of history buffs reading this blog, many of you are likely already aware of Osprey's existence.

I had thought virtually every aspect, theater, or uniform of World War II had been covered by now. The follow pictograph is lesson in not relying on faulty assumptions.

Yes, a "History of SS brassieres" was just released by Osprey Publishing. For all of you who have been impatiently yammering for just the *right* hue for an army issue bra for your female SS and Wehrmacht troopers.