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Big Doings with TriaDCon

Mister Nizz


A Merry Band of Discontents are we..

Last Saturday was the first meeting of the planning committee (aka "DC Con Cabal") for TriaDCon 2007.

Your beknighted group of rogues are above:

Top Row: Mike Hillsgrove (Clubs), Otto Schimdt (Publications Coordinator), Andrew Turlington (Convention Director), Your Humble Narrator (Miniatures), Rich Low (Operations, Merchandise), and Jim McWee (HMGS Liasion)

Bottom Row: Wyatt Bogan (Facility and "Meet the Designers"), and Kevin Wood (Additional Design Work)

Our agenda was sparse, but functional. We got started a little after 12 and were essentially done by 3PM. Major discussion points were table sources, marketing, outreach, cost control, "Convention Corporate Culture", game programs, and critical successes and failures from TriaDCon 2006. With Otto running the agenda (I was more than happy to ask him to help with this... planning and organization is a strong point with Mr. S), we moved along nicely.

We came to agreements about a great many infrastructure items, and assigned action items for the crowd. I was very pleased to have Kevin Wood on board, who was shocked when he discovered who, exactly, Mister Nizz is. I got a laugh out of that.

In general, it was a very pleasant and convivial meeting. We may not exactly have the size and deep pockets of other organizations, but at least we get along with each other nicely and working very well as a team. We got things done and have a pretty decent plan in shape. I will be posting on developments as they occur and promise to keep the casual reader informed of our progress.