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YouTube's puzzling policies

Mister Nizz

Sod the lot of you

I recently tried to log in to my YouTube account, only to be told that my account had been deleted, permanently, for repeated copyright violations and violating YouTube's terms of service. Aside from an earlier marking of one of my vids as objectionable, I have NEVER heard bupkus from YouTube about any of the videos I posted there. Today, I hear that not only am I not welcome at YouTube, but essentially, I should leave without letting the door strike me in the fundament. Naturally I'm a bit taken aback. I sent in a Customer Service notice.. requesting when I had been notified of any violation (the notice said I was a "repeat offender", that must mean they tried to get me to change my ways, right?) Well, no.. I've never heard from them and they apparently can't prove they sent me anything either regardsless, the "help" from customer service was essentially a restatement of the violation statement, which led me to believe that hte person responding hadn't bother to look anything up.

So you can't win. I'm looking elsewhere but I've lost a bunch of stuff. Thanks, YouTube!!!