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Poruchik's Big Russo-Turkish Game!

The White General (wears a fez)

One of the problems with conventioneering is that you just never get a chance to see what you want to see.. too much stuff to check on during the course of the day. At COLD WARS, I never played any games at the convention for the first two years. I believe I DID play one last year, and got in TWO at CW07. These were pickups after 6 PM, however, and not something big and grand and glorious being put on during the day. Such a game was The Battle of Gorni Dubnik, put on during the day at Cold Wars, by my friend Don Hauser. Don maintains an excellent blog primarily devoted to his love of obscure wargaming eras (a passion of mine, too!). Right now his focus is on THE RUSSO-TURKISH WAR (an obscure conflict in an obscure century). Gorni Dubnik was fought with beautifully painted glossy 42(?)mm soldiers that Don has been working on for quite some time. I won't replicate his blurb-- go to the blog to read it-- and be sure to check out the photo gallery as well.