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More Clarification from YouTube

Mister Nizz

I Hear Back from YouTube

Hi there,

Thanks for your email. Every time we strike a video, we will automatically
send out an email about this and warn you about it. It might be your spam
filtered it out or you choose not to receive any email from us. I can
assure you that your videos were striked on different dates. As a matter
of fact, I will provide you the date the 3 videos were striked. The first
video was rejected on September 27, 2006, 07:53 PM "
Taking out some insurgents ", the second video"
Don't Bring a Rifle to a Tank Battle" was rejected on February 07, 2007,
06:14 PM, and your third and final strike was given on "CrackSpackle: For
those embarassing Crack moments" at March 02, 2007, 01:22 PM. Please
review our Terms of Use from the previous email. You will not be able to
retrieve any videos back as we DO NOT support download.

Hope this helps,


Interesting.. the videos from Don't Bring a Rifle to a Tank Battle and Taking Out Some Insurgents were released from DOD Public Affairs offices. I wonder what copyright I was violating? They had me on CrackSpackle, however.. STILL!
I received no communications from them. Perhaps I did filter them out, but I think this action was a bit draconian for my liking.. looks like I'll not be getting the original stuff I posted up there back, either!

Thanks, YouTube! Go whore for google now...