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Kinetic Steam Works

Mister Nizz

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STEAM POWER for manly men and the women that love them!

Reading some of the Burning Man pages is giving me an appreciation for how much Steampunk is affecting the people of the fringe. When the Neverwas Haul broke down at the last Burning Man celebration (2006), they did so directly in front of the camp of a group of helpful kinetic motion artists, the Kinetic Steam Works Group. Fortunately for Major Disaster (Commander of the Neverwas), the KSW gang had a handy vintage Case Steam Tractor on hand, all fired up and ready to tow. I looked into the KSW folks too.. that's too intriguing of a name for me to pass up.

Turns out these folks specialize in brawny, steam powered motion-art with a whimsical nature.. steam powered trombones, merry go rounds, and other items. I like what they do, and I love the hippy, happy-go-lucky ethic of this group.. what a pity they are on the Left Coast.. I'd love to hang out with them in Victorian Garb. Another potent argument to attend Burning Man someday.