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BPD 3 Clio Turn 8 Categories

Mister Nizz

G is for "Here's mud in your eye, George III!"

Round 9 is unique. We are focusing solely on that historic document, the United States Declaration of Independence. ALL answers must relate, somehow, to that document, one of the signatories, or some result of its publication.

Standard rules about names apply, with one special rule: No Repeat names.

The Magickal Letter is: G

Good luck!!


Category 1: Name a "G" Signer of the Declaration

Category 2: Name Signer who Died of Unnatural* Causes

Category 3: A Journal the Declaration appeared in outside the US, soon after publication

Category 4: Military "G" -- Name a signer who held a position in Army or Militia

Category 5: Federal "G" -- Name a signer who held a national government position (post-Constitution)

Cateogry 6: Name a Historian specializing in the Declaration of Indepenedence.

Good luck, history pals!