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BPD 3 Clio: Turn 10 Categories LAST ROUND

Mister Nizz

C is for Caesars

Well met, my friends, we have come to the final round of the game.

The category for Round 10 is THE LATE ROMAN EMPIRE. The time period is Rome in a time period LATER THAN the Julio-Claudians. If you need a reference for this, there are many of them on the web, easily available.

The Magic letter is C

No repeats, no use of the honorific "Caesar" as an answer.


Category 1 Another name given to the City of Rome

Category 2 An Emperor that was Assassinated

Category 3 An Emperor that was legally executed

Category 4 A Roman Emperor that fought as a gladiator

Category 5 A Roman Emperor that died in battle

Category 6 A Roman Emperor that was born somewhere other than on the Italian peninsula

Ave, and good luck!!