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BPD 3: Clio Round 8 Categories..

Mister Nizz

P is for Pylum!

I'd name this guy, but that gives you an answer

Round 8's category is concerned with the Wars of the Diadochi, or succesor generals of Alexander the Great.

The Magickal Letter is P.

Standard Rules apply! One special rule: No Repeats!


Category 1: Name a Succesor General
Category 2: Name a non-greek opponent of the Diadochi that fought one of them (this can be a plural, as in "the chinese"..)
Category 3: Name a general, not consider one of the Successors, who fought for one or more of them.
Category 4: Name a battlefield from the Chronicle of the Diadochi
Category 5: Name a historian, chronicler or commentator who wrote on the Diadochi
Category 6: Name a critical city from the time period, and note why.