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Fantasy Flight/Nexus debut airplane minis for WINGS OF WAR


As you might know if you've been reading along all this time, I'm a drooling fanboy over Fantasy Flights' WINGS OF WAR system.

Fantasy Flight has just posted pictures of the new soon-to-be-released OFFICIAL Wings of War aircraft miniatures. The good news (as you can see, is that they are really, really slick, and correspond roughly to 1:144 scale.

The bad news? To paraphrase Kevin Nikolai Payne:

The price is Euro 9.50 for a single airplane, and a 4-pack costing quite a bit (For us clueless Americans, that's about 11 bucks for one plane). That's pretty steep, but you do get the stands (with proper WoW markings) as well as the plane assembled and painted, so it may well be worh it.

I'm sorry, Fantasy Flight, buy you done lost me. I'll go seek out 1:144 scale aircraft and make my own damn bases. That's hideous.

Confirming Kevin's guestimates, Rich Low (of BPD fame) sent me this URL:
Wings of War Miniatures: Fokker DR I - Rahn $8.36
That's right, 8.36 for a single 1:144 scale miniature. And Thought Hammer Discounts out the wazoo, ladies and gentlemen..