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BPD3: Clio Round 3 Topics Posted

Mister Nizz

H is for Hirohito

Continuing the World History theme. Scorable answers will be on the subject of the Great Pacific War, land, naval and air actions taking place in the War between the Western Alliance and the Empire of Japan, from (roughly) 1940 to 1945. First names and last names are okay, but not titles or articles.

The Secret Letter is H

Category 1: The Name of a Ship in the Pearl Harbor Anchorage present on the morning of 07 DECEMBER, 1941

Category 2: Name a Naval Commander at the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Category 3: Name a land objective (something fought over) during the Battle of Guadacanal

Category 4: Name an Ace Pilot (more than five kills) on any side.

Category 5: Name of a Commonwealth General Officer (e.g., not Dutch, not American)

Category 6: Name of a USO performer known to have toured Pacific installations during WW2.

Good Luck!!!