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BPD 3: Clio Turn 5 Categories

Mister Nizz

L is for Lace, lots of lace.. and beauty marks..

Round 5 begins the more obscure conflicts in this BPD Series. For lack of a better term, I shall call this the "Lace Wars" round. CORRECT answers shall be bounded by the years 1700 and 1800, EXCLUDING the American Revolutionary War, and the NORTH AMERICAN PHASE of the SEVEN YEARS WAR (we may revisit those separately).

The Magick Letter is L.

Standard Rules: If naming a person, the magic letter can stand for a first, commonly known middle name, or last name. If naming a place, it should be the first letter of any word in the place title. If naming a thing, the magick letter should be prominent and recognizable.. It's not rocket science. In all cases, articles or common words (the, if, and, but) will not count as Magick Letters.


Category 1: Name any Military General (rank of brigadier or higher) in the War of Austrian Succession

Category 2: Name a major political leader (non military) from either the Holy Roman Empire OR the Kingdom of France who participates at some level (negotiating, etc.) in the War of Spanish Succession.

Category 3: Name any general under the Command of (or Allied with) the Duke of Marlborogh in any of his known battles

Category 4: Name a Famous Treaty or Concord from this time, that impacted the history of the time period-- ended a war, created an alliance, vastly changed the way of life for a large population, etc.

Category 5: Name ANY BATTLE from the Seven Year's War, with the restrictions mentioned above

Category 6: Name Any campaign or battle (not previously mentioned) participated in by "Frederick the Great" of Prussia

Wow, and I thought categories would be tough.

Good luck, history lovers.