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BPD 3: Clio Turn 3 Answers and Score

Mister Nizz

Spurny surges ahead, Bunger and Ramsay at her heels..

Here we go...

A very high scoring round for everyone, but sometimes that's a good thing.

To quote Jonathan Richman, in "Walter Johnson":

When the Washington Nine was a-goin' to win (Boomba boomba etc.)
Walter would ease up a little on the opposition (Boomba boomba etc.)
The other team mates just didn't get it
They'd say,
"Hey there, Walter, how come you let them hit it?"
Walter told them with his gentle smile,
"Boys, this game's no fun if you don't get a hit once in a while." ...

The easy answers (Henderson Field, Admiral Halsey, and Bob Hope) were probably a mistake, but eh, it will get harder later.


Congrats to game leaders Spurny, Burger, and Ramsay... and an impressive showing from newcomer Bellambi, who is "on fire!"