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The Old Fork in the Eye Trick, Part II

Mister Nizz


Yes, she's my daughter


This morning we went to IHOP for pancakes after church, which is kind of a treat. My darling children wolfed their provender down like starving refugees before I even had put the fork in my mouth (okay, maybe they went a trifle faster).

Even 12 year olds get restless and bored... and Annie's eyes lit upon the pile of creamers. "Daddy! I want to do the fork in the eye trick!" "What??? What are you talking about??" "Daddy, you know, that trick you do that grosses people out!" "OHHH!... well, NO!" "Why not?" "You'll put your eye out, kid!" Why do you want to do that, anyway?" "I wanna be like YOU, Dad!" (sigh.. they know what strings to pull..)..

Well, she weedled until I finally agreed to letting her try it, but with a plastic spoon, not a metal fork. As the waiter arrived, She solemnly intoned "behold, as I gouge out my eye with this plastic spoon! AIIIIIEEEE" (and she lunged the spoon in to puncture the creamer). I was hugely gratified to see the eye goo (creamer stuff) squirt out and cover the waiter, and to hear his shriek of surprise.

I think I'm having a bad effect on my children. For details on the eye poke trick, click on the link above.

I've also discovered a wonderful new video illustrating this trick on the net.. now you get the idea.