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New WWI DiF Module

Mister Nizz

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Big, Meaty, Manly WWI Bombers from DVG!


Dan Verssen Games (DVG) just released a follow on module to their WWI verson of the popular game series Down in Flames (published by GMT and in PDF form by DVG). For those of you who haven't been keeping up, GMT was going to publish a World War One version of the succesful Down in Flames series, that plan has not panned out. So Dan has taken the work done on the WWI game and added it to the product line of his own company, DVG. Dan recognizes the value of online play such as by Cyberboard and Vassal; he sells a Vassal module for his games as an equally priced product complimenting the PDF download. This is a practice I won't support with my dollars, as I think that the Vassal mods should be free. HOWEVER, I will gladly reward their efforts with a PDF purchase, and have done so for DiF World War One.

In this installment, the WWI series focuses on WWI HEAVY BOMBERS.

I'm particularly psyched about this installment, primarily because it expands the action decks (which I thought were skimpy in the first PDF installment) as well as the aeroplane selection (which I also thought was far too skimpy considering the breadth and depth of selections to choose from). And to top it all off, the Bomber module focuses on the large, slow planes that I love, such as the Ilya Mouremetz, Handley Page (see graphic), Italian Capriotti, and of course the Gotha series of bombers from Germany. Basically all the material from the Riesenfleugzug expansion from Luftschiff, made into a card game.

I will be picking this one up, but I'm not exactly eager at the SRP of 20 bucks. That's pretty steep for a PDF download to begin with, and the Module does nothing for me (combined module plus PDF=30$ USD!!!!). Considering we have to do all the printing and mounting work, and the design being somewhat already set in stone, I was surprised at the hefty price.

Oh what the heck, what am I saying. I'm so predictable. I'll end up getting it. Nigel, want to split it with me?