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Farewell Saddam

Mister Nizz


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You want to see something somewhat gory.

And thus passes our convenient stooge in the Fertile Crescent, Saddam. Once a convenient bludgeon against the Iranians (back in the days when we once bankrolled him, back when he was gleefully committing atrocities.. but more importantly, he was killing Iranians) ...

... and now he takes the long jump for his crimes. How do I feel about it? Almost indifferent. I considered him an enemy of the state when he was alive, so his death enters that fuzzy area where I don't carp as much about violating my sense of disgust over capital punishment. It was kinda, sorta, happening as an act during wartime.

On the other hand, I wonder if it truly was neccesary. Saddam's time in the sun has been over for three years. He was finished. Was this act of political vengeance neccesary, considering the price that will be paid in lives? Time will tell.