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BPD3: Clio Round 2 topics announced

Mister Nizz

Clio Round 2: Topics-- J is for Jackson

Here we go, Round Two. This round's subject is THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, thus all answers will fit into the conflict that took place in America fro 1861 to 1865.

The Secret Letter is J.

Again, J can be a first or last name, but not an article or title.

Category 1: (easy) Name a Battle from the Western Theater of Operations, in which the Army of the Tennessee participated.
Category 2: (somewhat easy) Name ANY Battle or skirmish that transpired in the Trans-Mississipi military region.
Category 3: Name a general from the CSA, NOT Stonewall Jackson (too easy)
Category 4: Name a general from the Union Army, primarily known for the Western Theater of Operations (e.g., he did not serve in the Army of the Potomac for most of his war career)
Category 5: Name an outstanding female personage active in some manner during the course of the American Civil War, on either side.
Category 6: Name a Civilian politician, active on either side.

These are all somewhat easy, some are harder than others. GENERAL can mean brigadier general on up, and, of course, encompasses temporary brevets for generals of volunteers.

Good luck!