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BPD3: Clio Round 1

Mister Nizz


"B is for Bonaparte"

The Secret Letter is B.

The theme for Round 1 is the History of the Napoleonic Wars. For the sake of argument, we will set boundries of 1803-1815 for the time period (not exactly accurate, but close enough). Your answer must represent a subject from the Napoleonic Wars, specifically those events which transpired on the Eureopean continent, Russia and nearby parts of Africa during this time period. This round is geared towards land warfare only, as we might be visiting the Jolly Tars in future rounds.

Category 1: (easy) Name a battle from the time period
Category 2: (easy) Name a Coalition Leader from the time period
Category 3: (medium) Name a Civilian (non military) governmental leader from the time period
Category 4: (obvious) Name a Famous Woman from the period
Category 5: (stumper) Name of an Italian Regimental Commander
Category 6: (mega easy) Name of a French Marshall from the Marshallate.

Good luck! This is a classic Round 1 set, not too hard to answer with a little research. Perhaps one of the categories presents some difficlulty...